For all brides-to-be, especially those who are struggling to fit into that perfect dress for their big day, a new book spelling out the right bridal diet comes to the rescue.

Penned down by dietitian Nishi Grover, "The Bridal Diet" is a book that guides soon-to-be-brides to lose weight and get into great shape in a limited span of time without having to hit the gym or going on crash diets.

It outlines a diet programme so that the days leading up to their wedding can be stress-free.

"All brides come to me extremely motivated. They have limited time and they want to lose weight very fast. They can’t spare too much time because they have to go shopping and take care of other things."

"In the limited time that I get with them, I try and do my best without making them feel stressed, deprived or have sleepless nights over whether they’ll fit into their dress on time," says Nishi.

Although the book primarily focuses on the wedding belles, the author makes its very clear that the book really is for everyone, because "health is not just for those who are about to get married."

"This book is actually on fitness. It is a book on good health and well being. There is a section in which I have specialised in bridal diet but essentially it is about eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle and who doesn’t want to be a bride for life," she says.

Neatly divided into five parts, the book steers the bride through a plan in a calculated manner, reaffirming that the goal she has set is not unattainable.

"A fit body is an investment everyone should make," the author writes in the book.

Nishi, who also has the bestselling "Lose a Kilo a Week" to her credit has introduced in this book the concept of CCQ diet (low-calorie, low-carbs, low-quantity) combined with exercise to make the bride fit and healthy.

The programme highlights the essential foods that one should be eating, when and how much. Most importantly, it teaches one to control the self, when tempted to go haywire.