If there&’s a heaven in Kolkata during the summer the deal has got to involve the mango, and keeping the popularity of this magic King of Fruits in mind Flurys recently inaugurated its ongoing festival, aptly titled Mangolicious — a juicy and happy marriage.

As children, we knew the mango only in its raw form – plucked off trees when it hadn’t ripened to taste with a dash of salt and a bit of chilli powder. Ripe mangoes were sucked into if they were desi, sliced and diced if they were of a classier breed or mixed with milk and eaten with rice. We could never imagine an entire menu concocted from this beautiful fruit. Flurys, gifted with the strong imaginative and aesthetic talents of executive chef Vikas Kumar, has put together one of the most versatile and multi-layered menus. On till 14 June, the spread will have even the unfortunate few who aren’t fond of the fruit falling in love all over again.

Ever heard of Curried Shrimp and Mango Soup? It leads the list of three different starters. It&’s a light broth cooked in shrimp, flavoured with fresh mangoes and garnished with rice and cilantro. Mindblowing! King Caesar is a salad amalgamated with fresh mangoes and served with or without bacon. Fritto Misto Corn Manga is a beautiful blend of cottage cheese, baby corn, onion rings and fresh mushrooms crumb-fried in a dried mango-based batter served with raw mango salsa and mango mayo. It is a learning experience besides being a deliciously tasty one.

The main course offers four options and you’ll be spoilt for choice. We dug into the Grilled Mango Habanera Chicken and almost fainted with delight. This dish throws up a beautifully decorated concoction of grilled chicken breast stuffed with mango butter that melts in your mouth and comes with raw mango stuffed potatoes. Cottage Cheese and Mango Escalopes is a steak served with roasted pepper coulis and mango croquette. Then comes the most expensive dish on the entire menu — glazed sea bass and raw mango skewers served with baby potatoes, mango rice and green beans.

The desserts will keep you greedy for more and are available right through the festival both off the counter at Flurys and at The Street at The Park. The Mango Caramel Yogurt Mousse comes in a beautiful little jar tied with a red ribbon, indeed a gift in terms of texture, colour, smoothness, flavour and taste! Take a bite of other desserts like the aptly named Fresh Mango Whoopie Pie, Mango and Ginger Cupcakes, Fresh Mango Sundae, Fresh Mango Cheesecake New York Style, Mango and Mascarpone Custard Tart and Fresh Cream Mango Pastry! Whew!

It&’s like a slice of poetry coming to life — with the rhythm, harmony and melody coming together at the same time.