The season of monsoon is not the most make-up friendly time of the year. No matter how hard you try, the rain water ruins your make-up and tends to spoil your entire look.

Sheena Agarwaal, Make-up Stylist and Image Consultant, Urbanista Image Consulting, shares her personal tips on how to look perfect during the season.

-Always use a primer before you start with the makeup. A primer makes sure that your makeup is intact for a longer period of time. 

-Use foundation to the minimal amount. Rather, use a good concealer to cover up spots. 

-Invest in waterproof mascara and eye kohl. 

-If you have oily skin, refrain from using products that have too much sheen. You skin is most likely to react to the humidity in the air. You don’t want to end up looking like a glowing bulb of products. 

-Powder your face well after applying concealer/foundation. This will help you further seal your coverage. Instead of using a brush, try using a sponge/Beauty Blender to set the powder.