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Life’s golden treasure

Asanna Gonmei |

The golden treasure of a child is his or her education. Education is essential for a child&’s growth, success and happiness. It helps the child to know and understand the world around.

But what is education? Education is learning how to read and write. Education is knowledge and skills. It teaches us many things. Education helps us to grow up with the right attitude, self-confidence and opinions.

Education helps us to embrace changes. Many are afraid of changes and failing. The fear of failure should not stop us in our track of accepting changes, making changes to achieve our dreams. Nowadays, there are many changes taking place in all the fields and the competition level is very high and fierce. So, one needs to keep up with the changes and learn new things. Never be afraid to embrace changes, and dream a beautiful dream.

Education opens up to books in our life. Books are a man&’s best friends. They help us move beyond and face challenges in life. Books are of different kinds. You can choose your favourite books and learn to enjoy reading them. But, one should read good books that provide information or some good story books. Also, every child should read books to improve vocabulary skills.  You can buy books or borrow them from the library.

Help poor children to learn. Not everyone can afford to send their child to a private school. But there are government schools which provide free education to all. Nowadays government schools are trying to improve the quality of education and teaching.

Teach a girl child. You should never hold back to help teach a girl child. These days, women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men. In fact, some of them are earning more than men. If a child is educated, he or she can even start a big business. So, save a daughter and teach a daughter. Give her your best.

(As written by 10-year-old student in celebration of Teacher’s Day)