Chef Sanjeev Kapoor dropped the first imarti material in Kadai and Mumbai ‘s only Saatvik food Restaurant Sanskriti broke the Guinness World Record for largest Imarti in the world .

Last record was 20 kg and Sanskriti restaurant of Mumbai broke the record with 37 kg. The diameter is average 9 feet and it took 3 hours 48 minutes to make it.

Besides this, the following records have also been attempted and broken for Limca Book of Records:

Largest Jalebi in the World – We achieved a diameter of 9 feet and it weighed 18 kgs ,it took 3 hours 53 minutes to make.We have broken the previous record of 8.2 ft which was attempted by Star TV last year.

Heaviest  Kadai in the World – Our Kadai weight is 1020 kgs and the previous one weighed 380 kgs which was by Vim in 2003. 

The project leader was Gaurav Chaturvedi and the team members who made the entire feat possible were Raj Karan, Tushar, Vinayak, Raju, Angad, Lallu, Sayeeda, Kanahiya, Javed, Pradeep and Amit.

Sapna chaturvedi of Sanskriti restaurant said, "It’s proud moment for us and I am very happy that the purpose with which we attempted this event is achieved."