A shop in Kochi Prefecture, Japan, specialises in using local ingredients.

Setting one foot into the shop, you will see the freshwater Niyodogawa river and its surrounding mountains sparkling in green beyond a glass wall. The name of the shop, which stands by National Highway Route 194 running along the Niyodogawa river, is “Kochi Ice Shop,” and it is well known for making ice cream with ingredients produced in Kochi Prefecture. It is directly managed by Kochi Ice Co., located in Ino, Kochi Prefecture.

At a number of outlets across the prefecture the company sells popular ice cream such as “Yuzu Sherbet,” “Buntan Sherbet” and “Tenpien [sea salt] gelato,” using local ingredients. Customers are drawn to them as considerable amounts of fresh juice and other ingredients are used to give the ice cream a rich, natural taste.

The shop near the Niyodagawa river, opened in 2009, has about 30 seats inside and along its outside terrace. The shop offers almost all flavours of ice cream made by the company, including some served nowhere else.

Their most popular item is “Tosa Jiro Rich Soft Ice Cream” priced at 350 yen, including tax, for which eggs from Tosa Jiro local brand chickens, along with milk and fresh cream produced in the prefecture, are lavishly used. It has a rich taste with a mild sweetness to it. Its smooth texture and light aftertaste are distinctive, too.

Beginning in March, the shop began offering “French Toast A,” or hot French toast served with ice cream using eggs from Tosa Jiro chickens, and strawberries and blueberries harvested in the prefecture. At 750 yen, including tax, it is quite popular, especially among women, as a variety of flavors can be enjoyed at once.

In addition, the shop&’s menu includes “Pancake de Soft Ice Cream,” priced at 700 yen, including tax.

Open: 11am to 5pm (last order 4:30pm) on weekdays, 10:30am to 6pm on weekends and national holidays (last order 5:30pm)

Closed: Second and fourth Mondays except in July and August, the year-end and New Year&’s Day