British actress Helena Bonham Carter says she gets "depressed" about aspects of her appearance.

"You can get depressed about little bits, and feel like, ‘Oh God, a wrinkle!’ But if you do that, you get a negative list in your head. The thing is, bits of you age at different speeds. I mean, my knees are incredibly old, they’re about 100, but there are other bits of me that are not so old.

"There are a lot of really active older people, and if you can keep your basic health, including your mental health, you can only get better." 

Carter, 49, said the attention that comes with being a famous actress caused her to become anxious about her appearance, reported Female First.

"I was called an English rose, but I never looked British. My mother is half-French, half-Spanish, and I look like her, dark.

"When I was young, it was weird. Until you have a bit of confidence in yourself and learn not to pay too much attention to body shape or looks or what people say, it can be lethal."