All that talk about monsoon rain and the cool weather sounds fun, but it may not be quite so when you are caught in the rain and remain down in the weather. You only catch a cold in the rain and all that sneezing can cause a lot of discomfort. And as sneezing often happen suddenly, it can also cause quite an embarrassment, especially when you are in the midst of people. However, apart from medication, taking good care of oneself can prevent all types of ailments that come along with the change of seasons.

Here are few easy ways to help you stop sneezing:

  • Wash your face clean of all the dirt and irritants
  • Steam your face if possible or use a hot towel on your face
  • Gargle your throat with salted warm water
  • Drink hot tea, red, black or green without sugar
  • You can flavour your tea with fresh grated ginger, tulsi or bay leaf or cinnamon
  • Drinking plain hot water also helps
  • Avoid hair or other sprays
  • Avoid chilled water or cold drinks
  • Also, avoid staying in very cold temperature
  • Keep your environment and surroundings clean and dust free