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Hey Ladies! It’s your day today – Happy Women’s Day

Hey ladies, time to take a break from daily routine. Embrace the opportunity to keep stress, fatigue or depression at bay and go full-on masti.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

A daughter, sister, friend, bride, wife or mother – with one glance of her eyes, you can feel immersed in an ocean of love, compassion and warmth. She holds you safe and soft. Appreciate her. She is God’s most beautiful creation – the origin of life. Thanks to the creator. She is meant to be loved and adored. Her beauty lies in her heart and soul that flows from inside out. Her reflection is amazingly alluring. Isn’t it?

And today is International Women’s Day. Hey ladies, time to take a break from daily routine. Embrace the opportunity to keep stress, fatigue or depression at bay and go full-on masti. Some suggestions that can bring you joy on the special day.

Wake up early and watch the rising sun: Spend few quiet moments with yourself under the vast sky soaking up sun splashing a beautiful show of colour and light. Take deep slow breaths and increase your happiness with this ancient method of healing.

Exercise: Gear up yourself by way of rejuvenating exercises and feel so- good.

Plan a shopping trip: It need not be a big time or big budget shopping extravaganza. You may indulge in even buying small-small things that may elevate your mood. Sometimes, over spending on hand bags and foot wears can also be very mood enhancing. Spend according to your pocket without any stress.

Spend time with your friend watching a movie: Friends are 100 percent happiness boosters. They de-stress you making you feel healthier. So, log off your face book account and watch a latest hit with your best buddies. This will give you the most glee.

Bring home a plant: Elevate your mood by way of nature. Surround yourself with greens and benefit from improved air quality indoors.

Be creative: If you have interest in painting, jewellery designing, writing, sculpting, music or dance, it’s the best day to give your dreams a kick start.

Ornament your house according to your taste: Let your imagination run creative if you love to re-decorate your home, clear out the out of fashion belongings and give your eyes a new makeover sight of your dream home.

Do a good deed: Make yourself feel good and also the recipient of your good deed. You may take a poor child to Mc Donanlds or Pizza Hut to treat him stomach full. It will certainly bring more happiness to your life.

Have a dinner in your favourite restaurant: Calm yourself with the aroma of scented candles and your favourite food before the day ends. It will give you a feeling of complete contentment with enhanced peace of mind.

The day deserves a warm embrace. Why not? You dedicate your entire life serving relations with open arms, smiling through hard times. Adore and respect yourself for what you are lavished. Get set to spend the day pampering and satisfying yourself. Be optimistic, happier, healthier and successful. Don’t worry about what others are thinking of you. Be your own judge of approval. Happy Women’s Day!