Sauna bath, the healing steam bath of ancient practice, which has become a beauty and luxury bath of modern times, is highly beneficial to the heart, body and mind as it completely relaxes the nerves and muscles. Also, it helps the body to sweat out toxins and nourishes the skin. Regular sauna bath keeps the body young and refreshed. It may also help those suffering from high blood pressure and prevent sudden cardiac death.

A new study, published in the American Journal of Hypertension, has found that indulging in a sauna bath four to seven times a week may cut high blood pressure risk by nearly 50 per cent in men. It states that sauna bathing may reduce systemic blood pressure through different biological mechanisms.

How sauna bath lowers high blood pressure according to researchers:

The body temperature, during sauna bathing, may rise to two degrees Celsius, causing widening of blood vessels.

Regular sauna bathing improves the function of the inside layer of blood vessels. Endothelial function has beneficial effects on systemic blood pressure.

Sweating removes fluid from the body, which is a contributing factor to decreased blood pressure levels.

Additionally, sauna bathing may also lower systemic blood pressure due to overall relaxation of the body and mind.

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