Monsoon is a season to which we all eagerly look forward to; roaming around under the clouded skies and refreshing showers is something most of us enjoy. Rains give the real respite from the scorching heat and stifling weather, rejuvenating all life forms on earth. But while welcoming the rains, don’t ignore your health.

You must protect yourself from the infections that become prevalent during this season. If not taken care of properly, you may get infected with a flu-like cough and cold and other allergies which are common monsoon maladies. So, enjoy the monsoon at its best but don’t let the diseases dampen your spirit and prevent you from stepping out in the rain.

Follow the listed simple monsoon wellbeing tips and make these small changes to stay fit and relish the joys of the season.

Diet: What to Include

Consume herbal tea like chamomile tea, jasmine tea, or green tea at regular intervals as they are healthy and build up resistance to battle against infections owing to their antibacterial properties. Also, increase the intake of vitamin C in your diet to help strengthen your body against diseases and infections.

Give a boost to your immunity by adding garlic to your diet. In soups, you can add pepper, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and garlic to make it inherently warm. Do remember to add ginger to your tea for that extra boost.

Drink as much water as possible along with fresh homemade juice to keep yourself hydrated all day long. Do boil the drinking water to kill the harmful microorganisms and remove the impurities before you consume it.

Adding bitter vegetables and herbs like bitter gourd and neem will help in preventing and curing infections.

Opt for almonds and curd in your diet plan as these are the powerhouses of essential nutrients needed in this season to shield yourself from various diseases.

Diet: What to avoid

Avoid spicy, oily, heavy and salty kinds of food because they can reduce the water level in your body that increases the blood pressure. Avoiding such food can also prevent skin allergies in this season.

Try avoiding roadside food and junk foods as much as possible, because these foods are the real causes of stomach and liver infection especially in the rainy season.

Avoid including meat and fish in your diet as much as possible. Monsoon is the breeding season for fish and therefore, consuming fish should be avoided entirely as this can lead to cause stomach infection.

Don’t eat raw vegetables, fruits and salads without a thorough wash, as they may cause waterborne diseases. So, always make sure to wash fruits and vegetables before consuming them. Avoid excessive intake of caffeine as consuming too much can dehydrate your body.

Over to you Say

Yes to rains and No to infection during rains. Be a little more careful and make sure to follow the above mentioned do’s and don’ts.

Lastly, do remember to celebrate the monsoon showers to the fullest with colourful umbrellas and warm homemade snacks.


The writer is the founder and chief dietician, Nmami Life