The passing of the year brings a marked change in the weather and the surrounding climate, and often many suffer from diseases and health problems during the changing weather.

In the summer, temperature may increase to their hottest of the year. In autumn, temperature falls. Winter often brings a chill. Some areas may experience snow or ice as well. With the changing weather, you have to adapt yourself according to the climate to live comfortably.

Winter season has started. You might be preparing yourself for the coming cold weather. People often suffer from cold or flu when the season changes. The temperature shifts permit a different group of viruses to flourish and it’s these viruses that make people sick, said Dr Benjamin Kalpan, an internal-medicine physician at Orlando Health in Florida.

It is not only the common cold that is the common disease in this weather but many other common illnesses can also attack on you. Heart attacks, asthma attacks, joint pains, skin itchiness and sinusitis are other ailments which come along with the arrival of winter season.

13 easy tips on how to prevent winter diseases:

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  1. Avoid exhausting yourself in this season
  2. Instead of going for a walk in the cold morning, shift it to a time when it is slightly sunny.
  3. Do not over eat at one time. Eat preferably in small quantities more frequently.
  4. The cold and dry air tightens your air passages and makes breathing worse. Keep your homes smoke free, wash your bed sheets and pillow covers twice a week.
  5. Avoid eating oily food, street food, junk food and processed food.
  6. Apply coconut oil/ almond oil/ olive oil on your skin to avoid dryness, chapping or itching.
  7. Drink 8-10 glasses of warm water every day.
  8. Drink tea made with jiggery instead of using sugar.
  9. Drink 3-4 cups of green tea every day.
  10. Keep yourself warm. Exercise daily. Lounging in sun is also a good way to keep yourself naturally warm.
  11. Stay away from dust.
  12. Make sure you get enough rest.
  13. Eat healthy and nutritious food.
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Welcome foggy mornings and chilly evenings at your door step in a warm way. Lock your doors, close your windows and turn your heaters on. Read your favourite books, enjoying freshly brewed coffee and keeping yourself fit.

Celebrate winter!