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Chikungunya, symptoms and top remedies

As chikungunya strikes again, know the symptoms and remedies for this vector borne illness.

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With the summer here to stay, the problem of vector borne diseases is back. Recent survey reports 79 cases of chikungunya and 24 cases of dengue in Delhi since January 1. In 2016, there were reports of as many as 4,431 cases dengue and 9,749 chikungunya cases, according to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation.

As the city is now faced with the daunting task of tackling the problem yet again, know the symptoms and remedies for this mosquito-borne viral attack for timely treatment and speedy healing.


The symptoms appear after three to four days of persisting fever. the most common symptoms are fever accompanied by joint pain, swelling in joints, headache, muscle pain, skin rashes and nausea or vomiting.


Currently, there is no commercial vaccine for it. However, researchers have developed the first vaccine for chikungunya fever. The vaccine is said to be made from an insect-specific virus, and is reported safe and effective.

"This vaccine offers efficient, safe and affordable protection against chikungunya and builds the foundation for using viruses that only infect insects to develop vaccines against other insect-borne diseases," said study senior author Scott Weaver, Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston in the US, as quoted in Nature Medicine

Effective home remedies

Some of the most effective home remedies for chikungunya fever are papaya leaves, garlic and ginger paste.

Papaya leaves: Take few healthy papaya leaves, only the leaves. Remove the veins from the leaves. Wash the green leaves clean. Chop them finely. Add little water and make a paste of the leaves. take two-three tablespoons of the juice daily and continue for two-three days.

Garlic paste: Take few cloves. peel the garlic and make a paste of it. Add a little bit of mustard oil. Now, apply the mixed paste on the affected areas of the joints and all over the body too. Apply in the affected joints twice daily and continue the routine for few days till the pain and fever is gone.

Turmeric milk: Add half a teaspoon of fresh turmeric power in a glass of warm milk and drink it up morning and night daily for two-three days. You can also apply garlic paste on the affected joints, hands and legs.

While there are many other remedies, the above three remedies are reported most effective for speedy recovery from chikungunya by several patients.