Herbs are considered to be magical flavorings which can turn any meal into a gourmet meal. If consumed regularly, herbs can also help in keeping few diseases at bay. Consumption of organic herbs can also lead to an active state of mind. Here are some herbs which are known to improve health and can enhance the taste of the food:


Stevia, Herb


High sugar consumption is known to increase weight and leads to diseases like diabetes. Luckily, Stevia is a herb that can be used as an alternative to sugar. This herb can be grown at home. Just use a couple of leaves to sweeten up your next cup of tea and enjoy its health benefits like prevention of atherosclerosis, heart diseases, premature ageing, cognitive malfunction, strokes, cavities, and reduction of bacterial formation in the mouth.


Cress Herb


It is a fast-growing healthy herb which produces edible leaves in just 2 weeks. Some of its health benefits include enhancement of vision, a strong immune system, cancer-preventive properties and maintenance of healthy gums. Add the cress leaves in the juices, salads, pasta, and stews in order to make the dish tastier.

Bloody Sorrel

Bloody Sorrel


Aptly named as Bloody Dock for its different-looking red veins. This herbaceous plant is found mostly in the Mediterranean regions. It has some great benefits like lowering blood pressure, relieving dry and itchy skin, detoxification and it is also rich in vitamin A, C, and magnesium. You can add it to sandwiches, soups or even juices.




This herb is a king of medicinal recipes which made it famous amidst the history of herbs. It is known as a “holy herb” which was used to clean people and sacred places and later became a symbol of cleansing and purification. Some of the benefits are digestion with the decomposition of complex proteins, improving respiratory conditions, working as an antiseptic and an antibiotic, relieving muscle pain and spasms. Health benefits of this herb are endless and it definitely deserves a chance to be added to your diet.




This herb is famous for its medicinal properties and is used as a spice in may food recipes. Taking a single dose of common sage by mouth tends to improve memory, alertness, and attention. It also prevents digestion problems and stomach pain. You can add sage in the bean dishes and even pesto for making it extra-delicious.

Benefits of these herbs are endless but work well when one includes them in their regular diet. They are not only rich in medicinal properties but are also delicious in taste. Hence, the consumption of such herbs is easier and who doesn’t want to consume food that is healthy as well as tasty?

(Writer Mr. Rishabh Chokhani is the Founder of Naturevibe Botanicals)