After spending colder months by stuffing your feet into socks and sneakers, your feet will require a little pampering for sure. These days due to time constraints, people are looking for alternative yet effective methods. There are various options for you to give your feet the baby like feet just like a salon treatment at home, no scrubbing required.Beauty lovers are now turning to foot peel masks. These masks are an unusual but super effective way to get rid of dead skin on your feet.

How does it work- The foot peel masks are applied to your freshly cleaned foot like a sock, it will feel like slimy socks. These pockets are filled with some sort of chemical solution, which soaks into your feet for about an hour and they are each meant to be used only once. Once you take off the mask, at first you won’t see much change. But over the course of five to seven days, all those calluses and dead skin will peel off in huge flakes. People new to this will find it gross, but it will reveal fresh, baby-soft feet. These peel masks contain chemicals similar to the ones for your face, most contain AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), lactic acids and fruit enzymes to dissolve dead skin until it literally sheds off your feet. They are also formulated with hydrating oils and extracts to penetrate deep into rough spots to soften and repair skin.

Since some of these peels are not performed under doctor’s supervision, therefore, expectant mothers, people with diabetes, or with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or anyone with cuts and open wounds should not use this treatment.