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Gardening tips: How to grow orchids indoors

Plant the exotic bloom indoors to enhance the beauty of your house.

SNS | New Delhi | Updated :

From soft pastel to bright hues, orchids are exotic and beautiful. There are hundreds of their varieties.  And these wild orchids also grow well indoors, but the right condition is important. One must keep in mind light, temperature and moisture when growing orchids. Make sure to create the right condition and choose the orchids well taking into consideration the temperature and climate of the place you live in.

Here are a few tips on how to grow orchids indoors. Have your own orchid garden. Let the exotic bloom enhance the beauty of your house.

Temperature: Hot weather may not be suitable. A warm or a cool place is ideal for it to grow well. Some orchids, however, survive under different temperature.

Light: Take care of the light around the plant. Some orchids prefer good sunlight, so keep them facing towards the window.

Moisture: Orchids need good moisture and humid condition. Ensure the soil in the pot is moist and cool, but do not allow too much water in it. Keep it moist and cool enough, but let them dry out before watering again.

Where to grow: If you are growing them indoors, you can grow them in an earthen or plastic container. Orchids grow well without fertiliser, but ensure a good bark mix with a little bit of cow dung.

Where to place them: They can be placed anywhere, but make sure the plants get enough light for a good bloom.