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Gadget addiction: Help your child

Strengthening your ties with your kids is the best way to win their attention away from gadgets.

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

In this new world driven by advanced technology and gadgets, parents today face a new challenge of keeping their child away from getting addicted to gadgets or stopping their addiction to gadgets.

When you leave your child behind with gadgets to hold on to, you are only complicating your life and that of your child by making him or her addicted to gadgets.

The challenge is how to stop your child’s addiction to gadgets.

Think about your childhood days when there were no hi-tech gadgets. Reverse the time again.

Give your time to your kids. Spent quality time with them and make them feel special.

Let them know how much you love and care for them, how best you want for them.

Let them know they deserve special and quality time with their parents and family at home or out.

The new generation children accept positive change in their lives more easily. So, give a try.

It’s only you, who can develop virtuous interests in the child.

Set a suitable routine for your children. Wake them up an hour before their school time. Send them with a good mood and a positive note.

Once they are back from school, talk to them and ask them about their day, what they did in school, their lessons, friends, and teachers. Make their lunch time a relaxing one.

Remember, no matter how fond they are of gadgets, they can never replace you. Give them a half hour break to do anything before they sit to study. Keep a check of their time, especially during exam time.

Set a homework-friendly environment. Don’t make them dependent on you while doing assignments. Help them by directions and suggestions.

Praise their efforts. After study time, encourage them to play out. Help them to make friends.

Physical activities such as cycling, playing cricket, badminton, swimming or running help your kids de-stress themselves in a healthy manner.

Give them some healthy snacks after they return from play. Then they can do some revision work or read some good books of their taste.

The family time on the dinner table should be completely diversion free from any gadget. It can act as a great bonding time. Serve a meal that is nutritious but does not seem boring. Never force him to finish everything on their plate.

Talk to them. Let them share their wishes, future plans and excursion ideas, etc, to make it an enjoyable time.

Make them sit them for few minutes in their bed before they sleep. Chat with them or tell them a bedtime story. You may also share your experiences with them.

Taking interest in your child’s activities will help them achieve greater heights of success. Brighten his future with healthy nurturing in early years.

These efforts will strengthen your relationship with your child and keep him away from addictive gadgets.