With India’s Independence Day coming soon, the craze has caught on in a big way. Need some last minute ideas for its celebration at your home. We have a delicious, healthy, quick and easy to make a recipe that can bring a flavourful zest in both kids as well as grown-ups to celebrate the day. Tricolour sandwich is a three-layered sandwich that goes well with any side dish and beverage.

Serves: 2

Preparation time: 15 minutes


Whole wheat bread slices             4

Mayonnaise                                     1 tsp

Tomato ketchup                              1 tsp

Chilli oregano sauce                        ½ tsp

Tobacco sauce                                  2 drops

Coriander chutney                           1 tsp

Paneer                                                30 grams (mashed)

Cucumber                                           4 slices

Green capsicum                                 4 thin slices

Lettuce leaf                                         1

Carrot                                                    1/2 tbsp (grated and squeezed)

Orange bell pepper                             2-3 thin slices




  • Take fresh and soft bread slices and cut the corners with a sharp knife.
  • Combine together tomato ketchup, chilli oregano sauce and tobacco sauce. Mix well. Spread on a bread slice evenly.
  • Place finely sliced orange bell peppers and a thin layer of grated and squeezed carrot on it.
  • Apply mayonnaise on the second bread piece. Spread mashed paneer evenly on it.
  • Take the third bread slice. Spread green coriander chutney on it. Place green capsicum slices, cucumber slices and lettuce leaf on it.
  • Now keep the orange toppings slice in a serving dish. Place white topping slice over it. Then place green toppings bread piece. Cover it with a plain bread slice. You can also apply butter on it before placing on the top.
  • Turn the sandwich upside down so that you can see an orange colour on the top layer, then white and green colour in the bottom layer.
  • Cut diagonally in two parts nicely with a sharp knife.
  • Serve immediately with any beverage.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your Independence Day Celebration special with ‘Tiranga Sandwich’ and ‘Tricolour Kites’.