While preparing the salad, make sure that there is the right mix of vegetables, protein and fat.

To prepare the salad, following ingredients are needed and one can choose from the following options:

The vegetable base should be 3 cups and one can choose from the following options:

1.  Cucumber, carrot, tomato
2. Cucumber, beet root, capsicum
3. Red cabbage, radish, boiled broccoli
4. Spring Onion, radish, cauliflower
5. Tomato, Brussels sprouts, chopped Kale

While choosing protein for the salad, apply 1/2 cup of any of the suitable items:

1. Boiled chicken breast
2. Smoked almonds
3.Fresh lentils
4. Sour curd
5. Tuna fish
6. Chick peas

Fat quantity should comprise of 3 table spoons:

Olive oil
Roasted cashews
Roasted sunflower seeds
Shredded cottage cheese (ponir)
Roasted peanuts

Ingredients for the dressing  

1)    Oil:  place Extra virgin olive oil/mustard oil/sesame oil

2)   Sweetness: Honey/sugar syrup/brown sugar /white sugar

3)   Sourness: Vinegar (white or apple cider)/lemon juice/orange juice/sour curd

4)  Spice: Red chilli powder/black or white pepper/yellow or white mustard

5)   Herbs and seasonings: Oregano/lemon grass/basil leaves/salt/ginger/garlic/black salt