Who doesn’t on earth love chocolates? Just a tiny piece from the yummy bar can enlighten your mood. Be it bars, ice-creams, or cakes — it works like magic. There is hardly anything that can go wrong with cocoa bliss.

And when it comes to handmade chocolates, the beauties are irresistible. If you are in Delhi, you can indulge in a burst of flavours. There are bonbons starring raspberry and blueberry. And if you are craving for something desi, there is paan, mint and other options to choose from.

Have a look at our pick of handmade chocolates from La Chocoallure, The Sugar Therapy and Cocoalicious Delights.

Raspberry Truffle  La Chocoallure

Raspberry Truffle


The perfect marriage between the tanginess of raspberry and the bittersweet chocolate ganache gives us a reason to dance and celebrate.

Fudge Balls – Cocoalicious Delights

Fudge Ball


Cake crumbs mixed with chocolate ganache to make it a ball then dipped in chocolate, coated in coconut.

Caramelised white chocolate with roast almond praline- The Sugar Therapy
Caramelised White Chocolate Mendiants
White chocolate is painstakingly cooked until the sugar gets caramelized and gives out a beautiful nutty aroma and colour.


Forest Berries Cup – La Chocoallure 

Forest Berries Cup


Imagine a chocolate cup filled with decadent raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and here we have it. A rich chocolate ganache filled with all the fruitiness topped with blueberries and gold leaf.


Cookie Chocolate – Cocoalicious Delights

Cookie chocolate


Do you have biscuits and chocolate? If yes then you surely need to try Marie gold biscuit coated in chocolate.

Smoked Dark Chocolate Wood – The Sugar Therapy
Smoked Dark Chocolate Wood
The Smoked dark chocolate wood is created to be paired with a dry wine.
Dark chocolate is smoked through the wood until it captures the aromas and gives a rustic fragrance and taste. Have it a bit at a time, and feel a unique flavour explode in your mouth.


Prunes Chocolate – La Chocoallure 



A combination of moist and succulent prunes matches perfectly with bittersweet chocolate ganache blended together to give intense flavour is to die for.

Clusters – Cocoalicious Delights
These chocolates are a mixture of rice crispies with chocolate and cornflakes with chocolate.
Rose & Elaichi, Kewda, Kesar White Chocolates Pralines  – The Sugar Therapy
Rose & Elaichi
These chocolates were designed to convert White Chocolate haters to lovers and they succeeded phenomenally! The taste of milk which is characteristic to White Chocolate is blended with the Rose-Elaichi, Kesar & Kewda to create flavours that the Indian palette associates with milk.