Offering a glimpse of the Swedish cuisine, the master class with Nobel Chef Mark Phoenix hosted at the Sweden India Nobel Memorial week by the Embassy of Sweden here, was rich on nature’s treats.

The Sweden India Nobel Memorial Week is a high-profile, multi-city, multi-activity annual event organized by the Embassy of Sweden in India in cooperation with leading Swedish companies.

The occassion is instituted in memory of Swedish innovator, entrepreneur and philanthropist Alfred Nobel and celebrates the Indian Nobel Laureates.

"We have taken this opportunity to show you guys little bit of Swedish cuisine. We have a large territory and very long coastline – many lakes and many rivers. Fish and shell fish is very dominant in Swedish cuisine," Harald Sandberg, Ambassador of Sweden to India, said.

The master class which was presided over by Chef Phoenix and his sous Chef Fredrick Forsell consisted of culinary innovations like Toast Skagen, Rodbetscarpaccio and Rarakor.

A popular first course dish in Sweden, Toast Skagen consists of a butter fried round toast, topped with mayonnaise based mix of prawns and garnished with fish roe or caviar a sprig of dill and lemon.

"It comes from a very famous Swedish chef called Tore Wretman. The basic idea is prawns and mayonnaise, but you can see different variations. Some people put horse radish in it, some people put egg and some put onions," Chef Phoenix said.

Chef Phoenix, along with 40 other chefs has been instrumental in the preparation of the Nobel Banquet for almost a decade now.

The annual four-hour-long feast organised on December 10 every year at the Blue Hall of the City Hall in Stockholm, serves "extremely expensive" food that is mostly Scandinavian.

"Initially consomm s or clear soups like Tortue Claire were common starters. However, nowadays, the menu is traditional Nordik," Chef Phoenix said.

"This year we have been asked to recreate the 1968 Nobel dinner menu which had saddle of lamb in the main course," he said.

Other items on the menu which is almost half a century old were preparations of lobster for starters and vanilla and pineapple parfait for dessert.