Many Hindus strictly believe in holding fasts during Navratris which is associated with goddess Durga and worshipping her nine incarnations.  They abstain from consuming alcohol, onion, garlic and non-vegetarian foods which are strictly prohibited during this period. Regular table salt is one of the restricted foods. Rock salt also known as sendha namak is used instead while preparing fasting food.

Here, we bring you the significance of using rock salt during Navratras.

The main reason is to stay away or avoid processed food items as much as possible. This supports the choice of natural, unprocessed rock salt – sendha namak – over the iodized table salt.

In Indian subcontinent, sendha namak is found in the Himalayan region where it is known as Himalayan crystal salt. It is considered the purest form of salt that is devoid of environmental pollutants and chemical components. It is unadulterated and as natural/organic as sea salt. Sendha namak is also considered as vegetarian salt as it is not made by using sea water, hence it is used in cooking for religious purposes.

Rock salt is not chemically processed. Though, table salt has been super-heated and chemically cleaned. Aluminium hydroxide is often added to make it pour better. Stay away from it, if/when possible. Navratras provide you with a good opportunity not to consume iodized salt for few days.

Sendha namak is rich in minerals and doesn’t pose health problems like high blood pressure or puffiness in the body and eyes. By maintaining high and low blood pressures, it stabilizes blood pressure. Rock salt contains 84 out of 92 trace elements required by the body including calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, copper and so on. People fasting in Navratras restrict themselves to very limited food items and quantities as well. Thus, this salt replenishes the body with many deficient minerals. The method of preparation also makes rock salt a healthier option. Refined salt contains ingredients added after the salt is extracted from the brim. Rock salt extracted from the mines doesn’t contain such additives.

As we consume very restrictive diet during Navratras, sendha namak replenishes the body’s electrolytes and maintain pH balance. By stimulating blood circulation and mineral balance, it removes toxic minerals and refined salt deposits from the body.

Rock salt aids in digestion and is prescribed for laxative and digestive disorders. It improves appetite and removes gas and soothes heart burn caused by the ingredients used in making food for fast (falahar).

It inhibits cravings by equalising minerals.

With the religious aspect and science all crystal clear, we hope this Navratri is even more joyous, healthy and fulfilling for you with rock salt.