Do not get discouraged if you are unable to lose weight. Follow few tips and see the needle of the weighing scale begin to budge.

These tricks really works

1 If you feel hungry in between meals, grab a fruit. Keep your refrigerator well-stocked with fruits like papaya, watermelon, orange and apple. These fruits are high in water content and fibre. You can have frequent helpings of them if you wish. Avoid eating banana, mango, chiku and grapes. They have too many

2 Try having tea without sugar. It will take you a long way in gaining health and losing weight.

3 Avoid cashew nut, sesame seeds and poppy seeds while preparing curries. All have quite a lot of calories.

4 Do not add salt to salads, instead add a squeeze of lemon and a grind of fresh pepper.

5 Use herbs and spices to flavour your low-calorie meals.

6 Say a big ‘no’ to tinned foods and processed cheese.

7 Eat more chapattis than cooked vegetables or curries. It is better to have half bowl of vegetable and two chapattis rather than one chapatti and one full bowl of vegetable having oil. For curries, try leaving the gravy behind and picking up the solid food. Instead of eating cooked vegetables, eat a few raw salad veggies which are healthier.

8 Stock coriander chutney to make your low-calorie meal tastier without adding to the calorie intake.

9 Drinking generous amounts of water is overwhelmingly the number one way to reduce appetite. In between meals when you feel like eating something, reach out for a glass of water. Drink it slowly instead of gulping it.

10 Consume vegetables by stuffing them in chapatti and adding them in raita (curd). Use different vegetable stuffing on different days of the weak. Fresh salad of fruits, vegetables and sprouts is a healthy accompaniment. Radish, cabbage and cucumber have lesser calories than onion and tomato. Use these veggies more in salad as they are high in water content.

11 Eat slowly in a small plate. After having enjoyed a rich dinner at parties, eat a very light lunch the next day. May be just lots of fruits to make up for the extra calories you consumed at night. Similarly, after having a heavy lunch, opt for a light soup and a toasted whole grain slice of bread with coriander chutney at night.

Eat low calorie diet for 15 days or more.

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These diet plan will help you stay fit:

Drink ½ lemon squeezed in one glass of lukewarm water after morning walk.

Have Tea without sugar with two marie biscuits.

Lots of papaya, half bowl of porridge with some skimmed milk or one chutney sandwich with a small glass of buttermilk is best to be taken in breakfast. Never skip breakfast.

In lunch, eat fruits especially those having high water content and fibre like melons. Skip chappatis and curries.

In the evening, have a cup of tea without sugar with two Marie biscuits.

Have a cup of soup with two slices of whole grain toasts without adding butter. You must eat two bread pieces to get prepared for the next morning.

Healthy eating patterns can take you to the next level of healthy living.