Traditional Himachali recipies like Dasil, Kann Lafing which have been forgotten with time will soon find a place in menu of hotels in the state with chefs working to revive the recipes.

An initiative to revive these recipes has started in the government run Hotel Holiday Home, Shimla during its ‘Traditional Himachal Food festival’ being organized in the hotel premises from 12 June onwards.

The focus of the fest is on reviving lost traditional ethnic cuisines in times when people are interested in western cuisines.

The organizers hope to sway their interest towards Himachali cuisines as there is a plethora of flavours for tourists and locals who can enjoy either a heartwarming brunch or dinner as per their liking.

Food is being prepared by traditional Himachali cooks who are invited from every district to maintain authenticity. The festival is also focusing on showcasing diverse flavours from each district and how food from each district is unique and different from each other.

There are 10 to 12 dishes that are served in a menu that changes every day. Cooking is also done using traditional methods and one of the main features is identifying household talent, especially women who have been lacking mainstream culinary opportunities.

“We want to portray best and rarest Himachali cuisines and our culture. We want to revive lost recipes like Dasil, Kann Lafing which are being forgotten with time.

We are also working with Indian Chef Association to inculcate at least two Himachali recipes in every north Indian five star hotel,” Hotel Holiday Home Assistant Manager NL Sharma told The Statesman.

Hotel Holiday Home is the only hotel in Himachal certified for quality management system by British Standard Institution for promoting traditional food. It has been organizing cooking competitions to identify local cuisines and household cooking talent across various districts.