Romantic monsoon is back. It's time for flavoursome food. Couples and friends are reconnecting at cafes and families are spending time eating together, gossiping as the monsoon breaths cold and fresh breeze with tiny raindrops.

It is the perfect time to gorge on lip-smacking hot and spicy or sweet street food and smell the wet soil, get drenched and flaunt your colourful umbrellas. Check for the hygiene and quality before eating the tempting stuff as this season brings a lot of diseases along with rain showers. Let’s go through the snacks you can’t afford to miss to experience the rains at their best.

Chhole Bhature: This famous Punjabi food item can be eaten as breakfast or lunch as well. Enjoy this dish with family and friends during monsoon season and feel awesome. You’ll find the popular chhole bhatura corners filled with people on heavy rain days. So, visit these outlets taking some spare time as you may have to wait in queue for your turn.

Aloo tikki: When the weather is rainy, you crave for hot and spicy yummy street food. Aloo tikki is a small round shaped potato patty that is stuffed with spicy dal mixture and fried till crispy golden. Topped with fresh thick yogurt, tamarind sauce and fresh coriander chutney, these tikkis are flavourful and mind blowing. You may make them at home or you may visit some hygienic good quality tikki corner to relish them in the rain. With every bite, you’ll wish rains….rains and more rains.

Dahi bhalla papri chaat: We are talking about the favourite street food of India. In rainy season, the popular chaat walas are always crowded and they serve tasty chaats having high quality ingredients and maintaining good hygiene. Interestingly, you can have other popular Indian street foods from raj kachori to aloo chaat and pani puri on the same stall.

Vegetable stuffed garma-garam parathas:You’ll fall in love with stuffed vegetable smoking parathas under as the dark sky rain down cool droplets down on you. Nothing can beat eating them during monsoon. Add a cube of butter on top. As it melts, your craving will grow stronger. Have it with your favourite pickle and fresh curd. Wow! You can enjoy its best taste with the feel of a good dhabas.

Samosa and jalebi: The sweet and spicy taste buds become sturdier during a good shower. This combination of hot samosas and jalebis is considered to be the best breakfast or evening snack in monsoon diaries. Having spicy rocking samosa with sweet and hot jalebi means that you’re doing real justice to the weather. The crisp golden jalebis are fried in desi ghee. They are amazingly delicious. Top them with rabri to have an unforgettable taste. Having samosas with them is so perfect, it’s nostalgic. Step into the best shop to grab a plate of sizzling hot samosas and smoking mouth-watering jalebis topped with rabri.

Best places in Delhi to grab your favourite street food:

Sitaram Diwan chand in paharganj for Chhole Bhature

Bitto Tikki Wala in Rani Bagh for Desi Ghee Crisp Tikkis

Shree Balaji Chaat bhandar in Chandni Chowk for Dahi Bhalla Papri Chaat

Murthal Dhabas (just about 50 kilometres away from Delhi) for Vegetable Stuffed Parathas

The Old Famous Jalebi Wala in Chandni Chowk for Samosas and Jalebi

Rain showers tend to bring temperature down and mood up, be it for romance or food. Enjoy the lovely weather, sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee with these food items. The street corners are filled with the tempting  aroma of Indian snacks. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and go on a food expedition with your friends in the rain.