Burger King Japan will begin selling a red burger, made with red cheese and bread, from July 3 onwards, Efe news agency reported on Friday.

Tomato powder will give the bread its red colour along with a dressing of chili sauce and red miso paste.

The fast food chain will sell two varieties, beef and chicken, of its "Aka Burger" (Red Burger) in the country until the middle of August.

The US-based chain had earlier launched a similar product in Japan, known as "Kuro Burger" (Black Burger), which is set to make a comeback in the country’s outlets from August 21.

On April 1, the company launched a perfume with the fragrance of its “Whopper” burger, which tastes like a pizza.

Burger King, the second largest fast food chain in the world, entered the Japanese market in 1993 but left in 2001 due to a significant drop in sales only to return in 2007.