Talking about food and its medicinal, therapeutic and culinary benefits? Well, talk about ginger, one of the healthiest spices.

Ginger is a warming tonic for winters. As it is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds, it is antiviral.  Apart from treating common cold and flu, it is good for the body and brain. Its many benefits are listed below.

Ginger helps in digestion by accelerating clearing of the bowel.

It speeds up calorie burning by increasing body temperature.

It reduces feeling of hunger, leading to weight control.

It relieves symptoms of nausea. Most effective to prevent nausea related to pregnancy, post operation and chemotherapy.

The antioxidants and bioactive compounds in ginger can prevent age-related damage to the brain.

Being rich in magnesium, zinc and chromium, it maintains healthy blood flow.

It lowers the fasting sugar in type-2 diabetics.

It helps to treat sea sickness.

It reduces risk of heart diseases and respiratory infections.

It also treats pancreatic, breast and ovarian cancer.

It reduces LDL cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels significantly.

It relieves joint stiffness and pain that occurs due to degeneration process in osteoarthritis.

It is effective to soothe exercise induced muscle pain.

It lowers the risk of infections by inhibiting the growth of many bacteria and viruses. 

It may protect against gum diseases like gingivitis. It relaxes muscles surrounding air passages and relieves asthma.

It prevents menstrual pain if consumed at the beginning of menstrual periods.

Ginger, can be used either in its fresh form or dried one. Used in various forms in day today life across the world this pungent spice is helpful.