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Sway with the perfect beach look

SNS | New Delhi |

Get the perfect beach look as you hit the sun, sand and sea on a vacation. Since you are likely to spend a good amount of time on the beach, if you are headed for a holiday by the sea, you might as well prepare for a perfect beach wear and not regret having not packed few things in hand.

Here is a list of few things that will set you for a real good time at the beach.

Bright swimwear:  A pair of sexy bikinis with a comfy fitting is a must as you might like to spend a lot of time in the pool or out on the beach. Even if you cannot swim, it could be fun to take a dip in the pool or in the sea. Don't hold back. Go for plunging back or necklines if you are picking up a one-piece swimwear. Go for bright colours and bold designs. Don't think too much. Be carefree this one moment and have big fun.

Summer shorts: Mini shorts in brightly printed cotton or denims are ideal for beach wear. You can wear it over a bikini bottom or pair it up with a light halter top or a summery T-shirt. Avoid grey, brown and black. Keep it bright and happy.

Sarongs: Wear a cool sarong or a wrap-a-round and bring out the feminine side of you. They are easy to wear and comfortable too. They come in bright and bold hues and patterns. Flaunt them and feel lovely in them. It can be quite handy when you don't want to expose too much of your body to the sun. 

Crop tops: Crop tops which were in fashion is always in fashion when you are at the beach. Choose floral printed one for a perfect holiday look. They are cool, chic and cute. You can wear them over your bikini top, with a pair of shorts or sarongs.

Long loose shirt or a sun dress: White translucent shirts or cotton sun dresses are ideal to chill on the beach. It covers your body well and keeps the hot sun rays away from hurting you. You will feel real comfy by the sea in just a simple long, loose summery shirt or a dress.

Sun-hat: Wear a straw-hat or any sun hat while on the beach as it can help block direct sun rays and save your skin from sun burn and sun-tan.

Flip-flops: Don't forget the flip-flops. While you may like to walk barefoot on the sand, you may like to wear flip-fops as the hot sand on the beach could burn your feet.

Scarf and accessories: Wear some beaded necklace, bracelets, anklets or fancy hairpins. These fancy accessories will add glam to your swimwear and beach wear look. Carry a scarf. You might need to cover your hair and neck from the strong wind and sun rays. You can also wear sunglasses to add to the perfect beach look.

Sun-kit: Now, apart from all your beach wear, it is important to carry a sunny beach bag in which you can dump all the knick-knack you will need while on the beach such as sun-tan lotion, moisturiser, medicine, towels, etc.

Let your hair down. Look gorgeous and have big fun in the sand, sun and sea.