Festivity continues with the year-end’s favourite celebrations, Christmas and New Year. With the office celebration and house party invitations floating in our mails and social chats, everyone is rushing to update their wardrobes, to rock these occasions.

However at times, in an attempt to look our best and stand out, we often neglect the tiny nitty-gritties which can pull down our entire look.

To avoid the same we have put together some tips to avoid faux pas this party Season.

Suspenders and belts should not be paired together

Suspenders are meant to be worn without belt, they both serve the same purpose. You can pair suspenders with formal trousers to give a classy effect at the celebrations. However, dressers prefer suspenders to belt as a fine style statement at parties.

Too many patterns spoils the look! 

Patterns are the key ingredients of your outfit and we suggest playing safely with them. There is higher possibility of mixing the two different patterns in one look which might not go well together.  Like, a stripes shirt over a chequered blazer spoils your style statement as too many patterns
distract your look. Checkered trouser over a chequered shirt would be a miss fit. For occasions, keep it decent with opting one pattern in the overall look.

Pick a three-piece suit or a blazer

When you checkout formal suits for men, go for the 3 piece suit. Either a three-piece suit or a blazer is a go-to outfit for the occasion. Grab
your formal solid trousers and sport the bold checkered blazer for the undeniable dapper look.

Wearing wrong socks with wrong trousers 

Accessories add a pinch of nuance to your look. These petite detailing compliments the look with subtlety and elegance. In choosing perfect outfit, we miss the detailing and blunders are made by opting wrong socks over wrong pair of trousers.

Accessory overload

Paring right accessories will definitely amp up your style quotient. However with myriad of options available at hand, sometimes we end up picking a lot of them. It might bring garner lot of attention, not for good reason though. Hence when it comes to accessories, one should always follow ‘Less is More’ approach. Teamed up with either a contrast ties or contrast pocket square, even a pop color pocket square will go with the outfit.

(The author Kabeer Kodaniyil is the Head of Design at Urban Blackberrys)