Thanks to films and stars for the trends they set and keep the wheel of fashion world churning. What was out is always back.

This time, it's Bollywood’s Raees and its stylish actor Shah Rukh Khan. Donning pathanis in his upcoming film Raees, the actor has brought the old traditional Indian rural wear to the party scene in metros. After the release of the film trailer, people are giving Pathanis a try in parties instead of suits.

“Consumers across age groups have started placing orders for a Pathani like the one SRK has worn in the film,” working professionals from the garments industry said.

“More and more boys ageing from 18-20 have loved the attire as they have started requesting for a similar pattern. Especially after seeing someone like Shah Rukh wear this kind of attire, the fashion of owning a pathani falls back into trend,” they added.

The market demand of pathanis has increased since the release of the trailer. Shop owners reveal they are receiving requests for customised pathanis too.

Tailors seem to act as a driving force in the market these days and influencing the preferences of consumers.

Bollywood deserves a big share of driving market force as same trendsetting came in view when Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan donned similar attire.

A tailor, who runs a boutique at Vasai's Evershine city, Nitu Shinde added, “Orders have already started coming in of tailor made pathanis similar to what Shah Rukh is seen wearing in the film, the trend is catching up soon and has come back into fashion after a really long time.”