Designer Narendra Kumar has designed a robe fit for former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal who is also known as the Modern Day Maharaja. Mahal will be presented with this special robe during his visit to India.

Jinder Mahal is set to make his WWE debut in India on December 9 at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in a fight against the legendary Triple H, said a statement.

Talking about his unique collaboration with WWE, celebrated designer Narendra Kumar said: “Every Maharaja has his own iconic style, and I am excited to be working with Jinder Mahal and WWE to create the perfect look, befitting the Modern Day Maharaja.”

While talking about the upcoming WWE Live in India, Mahal said: “The WWE Live event in India is a very special moment for me. I will be taking on Triple H in what is possibly the biggest match of my career in front my home crowd and I couldn’t be more excited or determined to triumph for the people of India.”

“As the “Modern Day Maharaja”, I have a natural interest in the finest style and design. I have always admired Narendra’s work and now I will get the chance to wear one of his creations designed especially for me, when I arrive for WWE Live India,” he added.