Shopping for non-casual wear can be a task in itself as you are unable to decide between what is appropriate and what&’s not. Get some tips!

Nidhi Agarwal, founder and CEO of western non-casual wear brand KAARYAH, doles out a few shopping tips:

Fit: Fit is the most important criteria vis-à-vis definition of “appropriateness” to an occasion. While general rules for sleeve length, pant lengths apply, wearing a well fitted garment is also a function of preference and what suits your body shape.

Functionality: Just as you may not wear walking shoes to a board meeting, you may want to rethink your stilettos on a factory visit. So, stay comfortable while looking good.

Go beyond boring: Formal wear doesn’t necessarily mean plain. Wearing bright colours, detailed embroidery or frills are not improper as long as they are not distracting.

Fashion forward: You can even take inspiration from runways and incorporate fashion into formal clothing.