With the heat, humidity and rain this season, it becomes extremely difficult to step out of your comfort zone. Be it shopping or going out with friends, rain and the moist climate is something you cannot avoid.  So, why not indulge in some guilt free water activities to escape the scorching heat and the humidity? Be it a pool near your locality or a trip to a waterfall or explore the depths of oceans across the world, those refreshing waves is all what we want.

Many people take refuge in water sports in the most enjoyable and pleasurable way, but what worries and troubles them is the damage the water causes to hair while having fun. Dryness, brittleness, dullness and fading of coloured streaks are most common results of indulging in water activities.

We bring you some essential tips to bid adieu to all the hair worries before indulging in your favourite water activity:

When in Pool:

Swimming pools have chlorinated water which helps in keeping the water clean and bacteria free, but it is harmful for the hair. The hazardous oxidizing chemicals present in chlorine water removes essential nutrients from the hair, resulting in dry and brittle hair or split ends.

It is advisable to pre-soak your hair in normal water as dry hair acts like a sponge which absorbs chlorine very quickly and easily. Wet hair lessens the absorption of chlorine and prevents damage to the hair.To help prevent hair from soaking up too much chlorinated water, one can also mix a dollop of leave-in conditioner with a glass of water and spray it on hair before entering the pool.

After swimming or other water activities, do not rip a brush through your hair, since hair is most fragile when it’s wet. Spray some detangler on it, and then use a wide-tooth comb to minimize breakage.

Out in the open:

The sun, the sand, and those nice blue waves acts like a mini paradise in this hot weather. For those who love the beach will understand the plight of dry and unmanageable hair after a dip in the sea. Salt and chlorinated water are not the only causes of hair damage, exposure to sun remains a major issue when it comes to hair. The sun dehydrates hair, making it look dry and can zap the shine out of your locks.

Therefore, in order to preserve the radiance and moisture in hair, it is advisable to wear a straw hat over a scarf. This will keep your hair protected from all those harmful rays. Also, apply a leave-in conditioner before going into the water to prevent salt from getting absorbed into the hair and scalp.

To get those vibrant locks back, combine a quarter cup each of white distilled vinegar, distilled water and two drops of peppermint. Apply the mixture after shampooing and conditioning of hair.

Apart from these remedies, exfoliation of the scalp is extremely important.  Salty or chlorinated water results in the build-up of minerals on the scalp which deteriorates the health of the scalp. This in turn affects the health of the hair. Exfoliating helps in removing the dead skin from the scalp and rejuvenates hair shafts along with the mane.

These easy tips can help you keep your inhibitions aside, thus keeping your passion for water sports and beautiful hair alive. So, enjoy the sunshine and feel free to swim in the ocean.