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Easy tips for beautiful nails

Asanna Gonmei |

Beauty builds confidence and confidence help improve a woman&’s life. 

Beautiful and healthy nails add to a woman&’s beauty. 

From college girls to professional women and home makers, all want to have strong and pretty nails. 

All are not blessed with beautiful nails, but with a little care anyone can have healthy looking nails. 

But, today&’s busy and stressful life leaves little or no time to take good care of oneself and go for proper manicure or pedicure. 

So, here are a few easy tips to help you take care of your nails and make them a part of your healthy and competent life. 

Nail hygiene:  Always keep your fingernails dry and clean to prevent bacterial growth under your fingernails. 

Nail hardening gels: Good quality gels can protect and strengthen fragile and damaged nails. These gels provide your nails a clear smooth surface that looks beautiful, shiny and healthy. These gels also help in the growth of nails. 

Nail creams or moisturizers:  Like our skin, nails also require moisturising. Nail creams should be used repeatedly throughout the day as our nails are low in oil content. Hydrate them after every time you wash your hands. 

Removing cuticles: Never cut your cuticles, only push them back. This delicate skin along the bottom of your nail bed protects your nails from infection through bacteria and fungus. 

Regular clipping: Trim your nails regularly. Soak your nails for few minutes before you cut them. This makes them soft and easier to trim. Always uses a nail clipper to trim your nails safely and use a nail filer to file them smooth after trimming them. 

It would be wise to maintain a healthy length and trim away the painful growth. Long nails look elegant but they break more easily. So trim a little every time. 

Removing nail paint:  Removing polish can tear up your nails. Minimising the use of nail polish remover is needed to protect nails from drying out and becoming brittle. Always use an Acetone free and oil based polish remover. 

Painting nails: Painting nails is a creative and stress buster activity for a woman. It is the best way to decorate and enhance your nails. Jazz up your appearance with beautiful colouring of nails. You can sprinkle glitter on your wet nail paint to add enhanced effect. 

Use of rubber gloves: Dermatologists recommend wearing gloves while washing dishes and clothes. Hot water and chemicals from soap and detergents weaken the nails making them more vulnerable to break. These gloves also help the nail paint to last for a longer time. 

Rub lemon juice on nails to remove stains on nails:  Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and rub it on the top surface of your nails to get rid of stains. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse your nails. 

Take a biotin supplement: If you are on a restricted diet that cuts natural biotin like egg yolks and wheat, then biotin supplements are really helpful to maintain healthy nails.

These days, beauty salons have nail paint experts and specialists who do wonders and give an artistic touch to all types of nails. If your nails are in a bad condition, make sure to spend some time with a nail artist. Don’t hold back to visit a parlour and pamper yourself to a good manicure.