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Don’t let it burn you, talk the smoke out!

A visit to a doctor can help you give up that cigarette. Don't let it burn you out. 

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

What is tobacco? The leaves of a green leafy plant widely grown in warm regions are cured by a process of drying and grinding to make "dreadful tobacco". It is used for smoking, chewing or sniffing.

Consumption of tobacco is an addiction. The end of life can easily be foreseen since then. Tobacco is injurious to health. Too much or modest consumption does not matter. It’s a well-known fact that consuming tobacco regularly or even once in a while is bad for health. It is more harmful and addictive than you can even imagine.

Smoking of tobacco may harm almost every organ of the body. The risk of developing and dying from lung cancer is ten times more in smokers than non-smokers. In smokers, the probability of lung diseases is also six times higher and heart disorders two times more as compared to non-smokers. Recent studies show that tobacco can decrease bone density and increase your risk for developing osteoporosis.

The chemicals in tobacco smoke may harm your blood vessels and damage heart function. Tobacco smokers are more prone to coronary heart disease, heart attack, heart-related chest pain, high blood pressure, stroke and peripheral arterial disease. Cigarette smoking may damage your lungs completely. It may lead to chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and tuberculosis. Smoking increases the risk of developing age-related mascular degeneration, cataract and optic nerve damage all of which can lead to blindness. This self-killing habit is known to cause cancer in lungs, bronchus, trachea, oesophageal, throat, tongue, lip, nasal cavity, stomach, bladder, pancreas, kidney, liver, colon, rectum, uterine cervix and many more organs. It can also cause several autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis. Tobacco smoking may be linked to type 2 diabetes. It may damage the immune system, prohibiting the body to protect itself from infections and diseases.

In case of smokeless tobacco, the presence of nicotine makes its consumers addictive. It may cause symptoms like intense cravings, irritability, depression and increased appetite. Smokeless tobacco products may contain about 30 cancer causing substances. It increases the risk of certain types of cancers. You may face higher risk of oesophageal cancer, pancreatic cancer and various types of oral cancer, including mouth, throat, cheek, gum, lips and tongue. Inside the mouth where the chew is most often placed, small white patches called leukoplakia may develop. These mouth lesions are precancerous. Chewing tobacco can decay teeth. Tobacco contributes to cavity as it contains high amount of sugar. It also contains coarse particles that may irritate your gums and scratch away the enamel on your teeth. Overtime you may develop gum disease that may lead to tooth loss. Chewing or smokeless tobacco may increase heart rate or blood pressure. Long term use of these forms may increase your risk of dying of certain type of heart disease or stroke.

Save yourself! Say big ‘NO’ to tobacco. Start by talking to your doctor, experts or counsellor today. Only they may help you with a good plan on how to give up the addiction and choose nicotine alternatives or medication to help ensure victory over this killing evil.