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Deliciousness in every bite

The Salt House not only offers toothsome food but is gloriously innovative in its fusion of Bengali and European cuisines.

Madhurima Sengupta |

Going perfectly with the puffy cotton clouds outside, the monochromatic white of the panelled wooden walls, tables and chairs, lends the terrace space of The Salt House, Kolkata, with a sense of purity and peace.

The feeling is further enhanced as one’s gaze is drawn towards a vertical garden against the white panelled-wooden wall. It is adorned with plants and flowers, which are also used in the recipes of the newly-launched restaurant.

“I have always been a foodie and while travelling I realised that we didn’t have a morning to evening place in the city where one could work out from or meet new people and have a full culinary experience at the same time. That’s where the inspiration came from,” said Prachi Saraogi, co-owner of the restaurant.

Each sip of the green apple juice is so natural and refreshing that it feels as if the fruit has just been picked and crushed to serve in the drink. The fried Brussels sprouts with feta cheese and pomegranate provides the perfect start to a sumptuous meal. The fried and smoked leaves taste crispy and not at all raw like they often do. The sweet and sour touch of the pomegranate seeds and feta cheese renders the salad with a unique taste.

The Eggs Benedict (bacon) with hollandaise and English muffin is something that egg lovers can die for. The English muffin is topped with a perfectly soft boiled egg and hollandaise sauce. The thickness of the sauce coupled with eggs, which are as light as air, feels more than heavenly.

In the pan roasted bhetki with crispy skin, sautéed greens and lemon-caper beurre blanc, Bengal’s very own bhetki fish ties the knot with a delicious French sauce and the result is amazing. Addition of different Indian spinaches makes the recipe crispier than ever!

When it comes to the Bbq chicken sliders, the rich BBQ sauce and chicken wrapped in soft buns — served with a helping of mayonnaise sauce — feels tangy and creamy with each bite. The chicken tortellini in broth is really pretty to look at as the tortellini resembles little flowers with petals in intricate details floating on the broth. The warm soup coupled with the lightness of the flour-based dumplings leaves one feeling invigorated. The chingri, chorizo and grits is again an innovative dish where the shrimp and ham comes together in grits — a rich paste made from grounded corn.

In Nilgiri vanilla cold brew, a never tried before cold coffee, coffee seeds from the Nilgiri hills are brewed in the freezer overnight.

The Doi, berries and kaos granola parfait is a curd-based dessert sprinkled with Bengal’s favourite nolen gur. From the sweet and sour curd to the crispy granolas and juicy berries, each spoon promises a variety of tastes. The richness of fruits and berries in the platter makes the dish look vibrantly colourful.

Hazelnut mousse with salted caramel — the name itself makes one drool! The chocolaty mousse with nuts as toppings no doubt brings a befitting end to a perfect meal. Food at The Salt House promises fine European dishes with an Indian twist. It sure makes for one satiating experience!