David is one of those determined personalities who carry out each errand wholeheartedly and has left a positive imprint on each business he has ventured into. In the wake of finishing the Masters of Business Administration (MBA), he is intending to learn about analytics from Harvard Business School. Moving ahead in life, he is going into the Bollywood industry by creating a film with prestigious people. In a short period, he will reveal the names of the prominent actors who will be engaged with the film. Additionally, David is a motivated personality who is enthusiastic about various fields; in like manner, he will be the producer and director of this movie.

He is of the view that a new undertaking gives him positive vibes and he turns out to be more determined because the content of this movie is close to his heart. Additionally, he wrote this story after a genuine experience as he has seen the real-life incident of one of his Indian companions. Also, he confirms this story is considered as a useful asset and will encourage the masses around the world.

The story will be based on the hardships and difficulties he confronted. Aside from this, this film will concentrate on an Indian man who has encountered horrible circumstances in life and state that the absence of money is the root of all evil. Moreover, absence of money caused him to perform illicit methods for going into another country. Likewise, this movie will bring out his battles and accomplishments which helped him in turning into a successful individual on foreign land. Other than this, insights regarding the movie are not yet uncovered by the producer but it will be shot in Mumbai and Los Angeles, California. Likewise, it is foreseen that the film will come in the starting months of 2020.