Before you head out to relish the Easter special dishes at your favourite bakeries and restaurants, why not start your day with a healthy Easter special breakfast?

Smita Srivastava, a recipe developer based in Delhi says the usual breakfast can be given an Easter special twist, especially for fussy little eaters. Srivastava, on her blog ‘’ has displayed the ‘Easter Bunny’ made out of bread and fruits.

She uses multigrain bread and slathers it with peanut butter. For the bunny face she uses apples and bananas. Similarly by placing the sunny side up on a slice of bread and using tomatoes and cucumber, she turns it into a friendly bunny. Srivastava says that such food art is not only simple but makes healthy food attractive for children which otherwise they tend to discard. It also makes festival special for children as they begin their day in a festive spirit, she says.

Since Easter eggs are a traditional part of the festival, Srivastava says pickled eggs can be a good appetizer for adults as well as children.

For this recipe, I pickle the eggs in a bit of vinegar, water and beet juice. This gives it a pinkish reddish colour. If one wants, the yolk can be removed. These pickled eggs can then be relished with Lebanese dip with onion. In case you don’t want to use a drop of vinegar for pickling it, you can keep it only in beet juice as well but then you need to keep it for a longer period of time, says Srivastava .

The recipe developer says since an egg is rich is various kinds of vitamins and beet root is good for blood thus the combo is guaranteed to give a healthy beginning to a festive day, she opines. Various restaurants and bakeries have also stocked up on a range of food items. The Lalit’s pastry shop and restaurant has on offer an alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic brunch Easter goodies like hot cross buns and chocolate Easter eggs and special decorations as well.