Get your friends a printed quilt or some quirky bar accessories for their new house, suggest experts.

Some of the experts gave us some tips:

* A lot of people love the idea of simple and modern living which is appealing and pleasant. Bed sheets with pillow covers are the safest gift for house warming party.

* The classic look of silver (figurines or other décor pieces) makes for a quality gift that is always appreciated as it does not come with a shelf life or expiry date. This adds character to any home and serves as perfect giftables too.

* You can also gift comfortable quilts in flora

l prints, white print patterns and attractive hues to all those who love to keep everything stylish at home. Superior quality quilts that are light also enhance the aesthetic of the room without compromising the functionality of the quilt, and hence make for a great gifting option for house warming.

* If you are going to a friend’s place who loves alcohol, get them good bar accessories like wine glasses, whiskey decanter and goblets.