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How to improve brain function of your child

Indulging in regular physical activities may help children perform better in studies and in life.

SNS | New Delhi |

Are you struggling with your child’s academic performance or his learning disability? Let him play or indulge in physical activities everyday. All that play and running around may improve his brain functioning.

Physical activities make your child smarter than the other kids, this is because daily physical activities improve the brain functioning of a child, according to a research.

The findings of the study show that regular exercise can help children perform better in studies and in life.

Developing important life skills boost self-esteem and confidence of a child.A self-confident child grows into a positive personality and is willing to take on challenges in life.

Regular exercise during childhood keep a person healthy not only mentally, but also physically and in-turn emotionally. Regular physical activities can keep several health risk at bay. And often a physically and mentally healthy person tends to have a positive and strong personality. Illness and sickness often brings a person down and drags him into depression.

Also regular exercise since childhood is a natural cure for heart can strengthen the cardiovascular region and muscles of the body, which would further help in keeping a check over the risk of developing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes in later life, said the paper published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

So let your child run and play, cycle and swim and watch him grow into an intelligent and fine human being.