Our skin acts as a bridge to the world outside. A glowing blemish-free skin shapes our first impression. It not only makes one the most confident person in the room but also underlines the signs of blooming health.

Importance of skin care: Skin is the mirror image of our personality. Knowing the skin type is a prerequisite of basic skin-care. People with dry skin need to follow a different routine than those with oily ones. There are several other types like the combination or sensitive skin.

In earlier days, people used to visit dermatologists only if they had any skin disease, and for beauty-related aspects of skin, they would visit parlours. But now the concept has changed. People are more conscious about their skin, which has led to the prevalence of clinically researched and tested cleansers, moisturisers, sunscreens and more.

However, it is only suitable for the skin when a qualified dermatologist suggests which products are applicable for which skin-types and then only one should start following a skin-care programme.

Skin care

Skin-care is personal hygiene: Hygiene has always played an important role. Beside one’s self, one must also keep the surrounding clean. Not only skin infection, there are other diseases like gastroenteritis and diarrhoea which rise out of unhygienic environment.

Urinary tract infection is very common in female these days. Doctors usually advise to wash hands properly as they are generally exposed to germs. A lot of skin infection in women results from poor hygiene during menstrual cycle.

There are often cases of fungal infections resulting from wearing unwashed clothes in the humid climate of Kolkata. Hence, keeping ourselves and the surroundings clean is very important.

Skin Care

Common causes of dark spots: These can occur due to many skin diseases. However, sometimes birthmarks can seem like dark spots. Many times, it so happens that people develop birthmarks quite late in their lives.

The Asian climate is such that we are prone to sun exposure which leads to dark spots. Some of the other causes include using chemical rich cosmetics and nutritional/vitamin deficiencies. Often the skin is left with dark spots due to a condition called post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

Thus there are many skin concerns but due to lack of awareness, people opt for generic OTC medications which make them prone to side-effects. There are different treatments for each skin and one must never ignore even the minor ones.

The writer is a dermatologist, hair transplant and cosmetic surgeon
Courtesy: Wellnessbuddy, SastaSundar.com