A talcum powder can be used not just for absorbing sweat and for making you fragrant, but also for volumising eyelashes and setting your makeup, suggest experts.

Puniti and Vijay Singhal have listed uses of talcum powder:

* You can use talcum powder while doing your eyelash makeup. Before applying mascara on the eyelashes, dust on some talcum powder very lightly. This will result in a fuller and longer look. Make sure to close your eyes while applying to avoid irritation and itching of the eyes.

* Set your makeup: Talcum powder serves as an amazing base for make-up. To avoid getting that greasy look from your makeup, just apply a base coat of talcum powder. It helps in setting your makeup and absorbing all that excess oil. Just make sure to wash it off properly as it shouldn’t remain on for long.

* To avoid itching and redness experienced after waxing, you can use talcum powder before getting waxed. Gently dust the area which is to be waxed with talcum powder. This results in a super smooth and silky look and feel.

* Talc serves as a wonderful dry shampoo. To get a silky look for your hair, sprinkle some talcum powder on the roots of your hair. This will absorb the excess oil and will give your hair a silky finish. Just make sure to wash it off once you’re done. However, don’t make it a habit to use talc regularly as it shouldn’t be used excessively. These are just for quick results.

* Talcum is also helpful for eliminating body odor and give freshness. In case you have areas of irritated skin, rub a bit of talcum powder in to calm it.