The novel Coronavirus scare has taken everyone under its arm. With no indication of ending anytime soon, people from all over have restricted themselves to work from home. From online classes to webinars, this lockdown has led to almost everyone spending most of their time in front of screens. This is further leading to various health issues including soaring of eyes. To give some rest to your problem, actress Raveena Tandon has offered some DIY tips on Instagram.

“These days we are all in a lockdown, we are confined within our homes. I think that is the best thing to do in this pandemic, to stay safe and stay at home. Right now all the schools are closed, hence children are spending more time in front of the computer which leads to enhanced screen time. A lot of people are working from home which requires them to sit in front of the computer for longer hours. As a result, the screen time increases. Due to this, our eyes get tired and strained. What can we do to give a little relief to our eyes?” says the actress in her video.

Offering a DIY solution for the same, she adds, “Take some chilled milk in a small bowl and dip two cotton balls in it. Take out the cotton balls, squeeze them until the milk is drained out. Then place the cold cotton balls on your eyelids. Keep repeating this process to see how miraculously your feeling of exhaustion vanishes!”

Alongside her video, she wrote, “#beautytalkieswithravz in the pandemic, why should our eyes suffer a few tips for keeping your eyes strain free, relaxed and moisturised. Get rid of your #darkcircles.

So follow her route and end your lockdown problems.