Have you been exercising regularly and trying to cut that belly flab? If you have been successful in doing so, well, there is good news. And, for those who are still struggling to do so, this good news may give the needed boost. New is staying in shape may result in longevity.

A long life? No, not just a long life, but a healthy long life is what most aspire for.  And this could be possible by reducing excess fat and staying slim and fit, according to a new study.

While several unhealthy habits and bad lifestyle impacts life expectancy adversely, certain healthy lifestyle may increase life span of a person

“Our study has estimated the causal effect of lifestyle choices. We found that, on average, smoking a pack a day reduces lifespan by seven years, whilst losing one kilogram of weight will increase your lifespan by two months,” Peter Joshi, researcher at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, was quoted as saying in reports.

Of course, staying in shape makes a person look better and feel better about himself. It also boost confidence and shapes a person’s personality. Hence, by all means, one must try to stay in shape. The early the staeps taken, the easier it is to stay in shape. So now, burn the fat and stay fit.

Five easy tips on how to stay in shape

1. Choose a fitness regimen you are most comfortable doing or enjoy doing. Maintain the routine. Don’t slack in between. Hit the gym if possible.

2. Indulge in physical activities. Avoid sedentary lifestyle and stop slouching. Get moving. Mop, if you must. It helps to stay in great shape.

3. Drink plenty of water. Drink hot water after every meal and as much as possible. Let it flush out all the unwanted fats and toxins from your system. Drink a little water every time you feel hungry. This way, you will tend to eat lesser.

4. Drink green tea or herbal tea of your choice. Have it hot and nice. It helps to burn unwanted fats, chek bad cholesterol  and control weight gain.

5. Apart from other remedies, eating apples, pears, berries, and vegetables that contain high levels of flavonoids may help, according to a study published in The British Medical Journal

The study shows that increased consumption of flavonoid subclasses leads to less weight gain.

Promoting even small amounts of weight loss can reduce risk of diabetes, cancer, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, the study suggests. Hence, the longer life span.

(With inputs from agencies)