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Oranges: A way to healthy and radiant skin

Discover the lost sheen of your skin embracing this citrus fruit.
Oranges are good to eat and worthy to feel!

Deepa Gupta | New Delhi |

Has your skin lost its luster? Add a natural glow to it not by lathering too many cosmetics but by way of natural food ‘orange’.

Your skin needs a boost from within to look fresh and glowing. Since oranges are acidic in nature, they help your skin to feel pampered in all possible ways.

Here are 10 reasons why oranges are actually good to enhance your natural beauty.

Deep skin cleanser: The citric acid in oranges exfoliates the skin admirably and removes dead skin cells cleansing the pores from deep inside. It improves the skin texture and color.


Brings back luster: Freeze fresh orange juice in ice cubes tray. Rub the frozen orange ice-cubes on your face to brighten the dull skin.

Anti-aging: Eating orange daily increases the production of collagen keeping the skin firm and hydrated. It wards off aging and wrinkles.

Shrinking the open pores: Apply the orange juice on your face. Leave for five minutes and then rinse off. Repeat daily for a month. You will see your enlarged pores getting closed.

Toning and refreshing the skin: Rub half cut orange on your skin and let it stay for five minutes and then wash off. Your skin will get toned with bloom.

30 minutes facial exercise daily can make you look younger

Exfoliate your skin: Being rich in citric acid and fruit acids, orange juice dries away acne. Apply its grated peel paste on your acne and scars to reduce them and their marks as well.

Instant glow: Scrub orange peel powder on your face and get an instant glow.

Detoxification of body: Eat an orange daily to flush away toxins from the body. It combats free radicals to make your skin radiant and fresher.

Natural bleaching agent: Mix orange peel powder with wholesome milk or curd. Make a thick paste and apply on face. Leave it for half an hour and then rinse off. Your skin will naturally get bleached.


An effective natural hair conditioner: Mix a well half cup of orange juice, half cup of water and two teaspoons of organic honey. Apply this paste to shampooed hair. Let it rest for 10 minutes, then wash off. Your hair will shine reflecting health with beauty.


Oranges are usually a staple of the Indian diet. You can eat them raw as well or apply its pulp, juice or peel on your skin to enjoy the beauty with no side-effect.