The hands are tender, smooth and slender. They are carefully manicured and the nails beautifully painted in just the right shade that matches the colour of her dress and lush lipstick. They look elegant and lovely. They could be yours!

Well, while some are blessed with lovely hands, every woman wants to have beautiful ones.  Well-manicured hands with nails beautifully painted can do wonders to your hands and enhance your look. However, the hectic modern lifestyle may not give you the time for all the care and the polish on your nails can chip easily, making your hands look bad.

Try some few tricks that can make your nail polish last longer and your hands beautiful.

Keep your nails healthy: Get your manicure done from a good parlour or do it yourself. Never compromise in the quality of manicure. Do not keep your nails too long. It can lead to frequent chipping of the nail and the nailpaint on it.

Give a gap between manicures and nail polishing: When you soak your nails in water for few minutes, they absorb it and expand. If you polish your nails immediately after manicure, the water starts evaporating and nails start contracting leading to chipping and cracking early.

Use good quality nail paints: Be brand conscious while buying nail polish. Choose from top brands as they are more durable and the quality is ensured.

Buy top brand top nail coat: Use good quality top coats that can keep your polish chip free for a week or so.

Dry your nail paint properly: Give enough time for the nail paint to dry. Only then, resume your other activities. Otherwise all your time and hard work will go futile.

Use mild soap to wash your hands instead of using sanitizer: Sanitizer contains alcohol that can make your nail polish dull and chip faster. Always use a mild soap to clean your hands.

Make a habit of wearing gloves: Put on a well-made pair of gloves while washing utensils, cleaning the house, gardening or washing clothes. The more you will expose your hands to soap and water, the less durable will be your nail paint.

Avoid back and forth filing: File your nails in one direction only. Back and forth filing will weaken your nails. When they break, they peel off the enamel too.

Paint your nails with thin coats: Thick coats always tend to crack faster than the thin coats. So do not overdo them and make your nail polish to last long.

Well applied polish on your nails makes your hand more beautiful. This style statement speaks volumes about your beauty and personality. So choose the colour that matches your dress and blends well with your hand skin tone. A colour that looks good on one may not look good on another. Shape your nail well, paint them carefully and flaunt your beautiful hands.