Do you know that makeup remover, even the branded ones, contain harmful chemicals that can harm your skin. Those with sensitive skin should take care to protect your skin from harmful effects of cosmetics. Few tips can help remove makeup in an easy, non-messy and safe way.

Steaming: Soak a small towel in a bowl of hot water. Let it cool for a few seconds. Place it on your face. The hot steam will open the pores and help remove the makeup on your face.

Honey water: Take a wet cotton ball with drops of honey and a pinch of baking soda. Wipe off the makeup with it and wash your face with water. It will cleanse and add glow to your skin.

Baby oil:  Apply the oil with a dry cotton ball on your face and wipe off the makeup with a soft cloth.

Vaseline: Rub a cotton ball of vaseline on your face. Keep it on for a while and wash it off with facewash and water.

Baby lotion is also effective to remove even heavy makeup in a gentle way, leaving your skin nourished.

Milk it up. Dip a cotton ball in milk and squeeze it lightly. Rub your face gently with it. It will help remove makeup, including eyeliners and mascara effectively.

Baby wipes: If you are very tired and want to remove makeup in a quick and easy way, use baby wipes to clean it. They are gentle and remove the makeup without irritating your skin.

Olive oil: It is an effective makeup remover and cleanser. Give your face a light rub with a cloth or cotton ball of olive oil. Its softening agents will leave your skin moisturised and nourished.