To be trendy is what every woman aspires to. However, too many artificial chemicals and unhealthy procedures involved in beautifying you in a chic way are bad for any part of your body – and your hair is no exception.

Experimenting with hair is one of our favourite obsessions. Trendy hair styling may give us a glamorous look but it may also lay a foundation for making flaws in hair — popping up somewhere or everywhere on your to-worry-about radar.

Many a time it can ruin the healthy texture of your tresses leaving them lifeless. Make sure you opt for safe hair styling procedures and products to keep your locks as healthy as possible. While you cannot control the natural factors like sun and weather that may damage your hair but certainly can avoid or minimise few hairstyles and treatments that tend to damage your locks the fastest.

  • Pressing or straightening: Pressing your tresses with a flat iron can yield fantastic results to enhance your looks but it can also cause a lot of damage. People generally skip application of heat protectant products and not cleaning the rod before straightening. These are big mistakes that do your hair more harm than good. Also, if you use a setting that is too low, it may also harm your hair as the low temperature will require to run your iron through the same part of hair over and over again to achieve the desired results. The high temperatures will also likely to damage your hair.
  • Curling: It is another enemy to hair health. Hot iron rods suck the moisture of your locks out leaving them dry and creating split ends. They can even change the texture of your hair. Well, it is better to go for the old school rollers. They require time and patience but they are safe to use. Curling rods are believed to be one of the worst offenders. Try to avoid as much as possible.
  • Blow dry: Blow drying removes the moisture from the scalp and hair leading to ‘flash drying’. Due to loss of moisture, hair becomes dry, rigid and brittle and sometimes they even crack or split. It can also lead to cuticle cracking causing significant breakage on combing hair.
  • Rebonding: Rebonding is a chemical treatment through which your hair remains straight for a long time. However, the new growth does have the natural hair texture of yours. It leads to many hair issues including breakage and split ends. Hair becomes brittle and susceptible after this process. The heat and chemicals used in the procedure can damage the scalp and even burn it. These damages can be long-lasting. Regular touch-ups need to be done to maintain the procedure which may cause hair loss and the hair gets weaker after every touch-up.
  • Crimping: Crimping means clamping down on sectioned hair, bit by bit, for longer. It will shed your hair to pieces, you will start getting broken hair halfway up your head as opposed to the tips. Hair does not like heat. It is terrible for your lovely locks. Instead, you can naturally crimp your hair by braiding it into many small tight braids (as thick as your thumb) before you go to bed. Take out the braids in the morning.
  • Topknots: Topknots in the form of high tight buns and ponytails put stress on your edges. Though it is a very trendy style that’s very comfortable to carry, it tugs on your edges and creates excessive tension on your scalp if you do it every day, it may lead to thinning of your hair over time. If you are crazy for these sophisticated chignons, you may wear them occasionally to cherish your dream look. Your hair will thank you.
  • Excessive colouring and bleaching: There are many trendy ways to colour your hair these days. Silver, gold, red, neon pink, lavender and rainbow are the obsession of the modern generation. Over-processed strands by way of frequent bleaching or dying by harsh dyes may make your hair dry, weak and brittle very soon. Try using natural products like henna. If you cannot do without a dye, try using semi-permanent one which may condition your hair during the dying process causing less damage to them.

Avoiding these practices is an excellent way to avoid major hair damage. Chemicals, friction, tugging or heating deliver too much stress to your delicate hair leading to hair-loss, dryness, hair thinning, split ends, early greying and so on. You should take a look at the ingredients of your favourite hair products before buying and also know about the demerits of the procedures involved.

Everyone wants their hair to look gorgeous and be manageable but for that, you do not have to use damaging styling products and instruments. Go for those that limit the amount of harmful ingredients and damage. The rules of hair care are simple and finite.

Severe chemically and harshly treated damaged hair – there is nothing you can do to stop it snapping off.

When it comes to trendy looks by way of hair styling, be protective for your tresses solidifying healthy habits and saying no to unhealthy ones!