What do you do when you feel starved? The easiest thing to do is to grab any junk food. That’s most convenient and happens too often. Isn’t it weird for people to want to be in perfect shape without giving up bad food habits? We all know that it is not easy to quit the habit, but there is no gain without pain.

Yes, this time you have to choose between a slim body that makes you look beautiful and junk food that satisfies your taste buds. Bad diet will never let you achieve your goal of losing a ton of weight. Whether it makes you lose or gain weight, it affects your body shape.

Once considered a problem of the rich and high income group, overweight is now dramatically on the rise in low and middle income group also, particularly in urban set ups.

In today’s fashion conscious world, even the most unfashionable knows that shedding that pesky weight will make them look better and add to their confidence and personality.

Only a balanced and healthy diet and a dedicated fitness schedule can help lose excess weight.

However, the way to shedding calories is not simply to count calories but also to focus on consuming a more healthy diet.

Researchers state that eating just one additional daily serving of bad food leads to a good amount of weight gain over a period of time.

Hence, quit your bad eating habits with the power of knowing ‘what not to eat’.

Some foods to avoid are:

Sugar in beverages:  They contain added sugars such as sucrose or fructose, often in large amounts. The calories provided by sweetened drinks have little nutritional value or may not provide the feeling of fullness. As a result, total energy intake may increase which can lead to unhealthy weight gain.

Alcoholic drinks:  Alcohol may pack on the pounds even more than you thought. A study revealed that mere three ounces of alcohol reduces fat burning by about a third. When alcohol is in your system, it becomes harder for your body to burn fat that’s already there.

Potato-based foods: A study has found that potato-based foods have a large effect on weight gain over time compared to other high-calorie foods.

Processed foods: Processed foods are high in sugar and contain artificial ingredients which are unhealthy. They are also high in refined carbohydrates and low in nutrition and fibre. It requires less energy to digest processed foods.

Refined grains:  A higher consumption of refined grains can be unhealthy. Whole grains that provide fibre make people feel full longer.

Processed seed and vegetable oil: These oils are loaded with omega-6 fats and are a category of polyunsaturated oils. The fact is that vegetable oil takes violent and heavily industrialized processing. Here’s where the fat part comes in.

Keep a check on your daily favourite foods and round out a healthy diet with smart lifestyle choices. Your food habits should not be padding your waist line. Make yourself free of unhealthy diets with slow and steady changes in your lifestyle. Eat the right food in right quantity. Eating behaviour is driven by various biological factors like genetics, hormones and neural circuits. With a strong will power and good knowledge, you can change your bad eating habits to healthy eating which will help you stay in great shape.