A little weight can look good on some, but who doesn’t want to have a slim waist and a perfect figure. Losing weight is no easy matter. A control weight and regular workout can help to prevent weight gain, but it takes time and a lot of patience to slim down.
However, you need not worry as simple solutions can help to burn the fat around the belly, and the easiest thing to do to stay slim is to drink hot plain tea or light green tea.
How to drink hot water or green tea
Avoid chilled water or ice-tea. Begin your day with a glass of hot water or steaming green tea. Let the hot drink flush out all the toxic and detox your system.
Drinking plenty of water or green tea will make you eat lesser and your diet is automatically controlled. You tend to eat less and are saved from overeating which may lead to weight gain.
Drink as many glasses of hot water throughout the day. Every time you feel a little hungry, drink some hot water.
The hot water or green tea you drink will not only detoxify your system but also hydrate your body well. A well-hydrated body will result in good health and improved hair and skin condition.
Drink it right. Drink it first thing in the morning and before going to bed. Also, drink a glass of hot water or green tea after every meal. It will help in proper digestion of food.